Tresses by Glam Review

Today I’m reviewing some hurrr  hair! Winter is here & between the harsh weather, fuzzy scarves, and increasing dryness of my hair I figured I could use a quick protective style.

I got this hair from Tresses by Glam in August, but between school and everything I wasn’t able to finish the wig until December. I just want to say I love this hair!

  • -It came to me washed and conditioned (and can I just say it smelled awesome)
  • -She sent me 16”, 18”, and 20” bundles along with a 14” closure
  • -This hair was super shiny and soft. I love running my hands through it
  • -It doesn’t tangle easily
  • -I love the slightly tousled look that it has, the curls just bounce when I walk LOL
  • -The colors of the bundles aren’t exactly the same and it gives it a nice ‘dimension’ (in the words of the hair guru Tiff)


Low quality, selfie cam photo of the different colors – a lighter brown & an almost black color

  • -The lace closure blended well with my scalp for the most part and I matched it to my skin tone with my concealer.
  • -I didn’t use any glue and I didn’t sew on my lace closure
  • ( Learn how I installed the lace closure) 
  • -I didn’t use all of the hair when I made this wig. I think I still have like half of the 16” bundle left
  • -With that being said, the wig is still pretty full and I love it!
  • -I’ll definitely be wearing this wig more this winter  to keep my head warm
  • -It’s an excellent protective style since my hair is braided underneath. I need to keep my hands out of my head anyway because it’s been breaking off more since I colored it
  • -You’ll be seeing me rock this wig more, especially on Instagram LOL

Are you protective styling this winter? What style?


hat from @MeenClothing!


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  • Loved this even though I have given up on hair extensions when I am doing my protective styles 🙂