Super Defined Wash n Go ft. WonderCurl!

You guys know Wondercurl right? Great brand, awesome products, and super nice owner named Scarlett? I mentioned them when I told you guys why I shop indie brands. Anyway, I was blessed with this awesome opportunity to get my hair done by NYC hairstylist Tamika Wesley using Wondercurl products. Let me just tell you now that I don’t think I’ve EVER gotten such a defined wash n go. Watch Tamika transform my hair from limp & lifeless to totally defined!

I will be doing an at home tutorial of this style soon, but do you see those curls tho’?! LIFE. Make sure to check out Wondercurl – their products are also sold on 🙂

Model – me @talktresses
Hairstyle by Tamika Wesley @wesleystylesnyc
Photography by Mark A. Covington @kram71
Video & Editing by Frank Hooker Jr.
Cinematography by Shelley Titus of Seashell Films
Products used Wonder Curl @WonderCurl


Victoria Sallie
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  • I’m in love Victoria! Your hair looks amazing and you look like a goddess! I must revisit WonderCurl!

    • talktresses

      Aww, thank you so much boo! Thanks for watching ☺️