A Recipe To Poppin’ Curls: How To Master Your Twist Out, Perm Rod Set, and/or Braid Out


Hey Ladies! I love when a twist out or braid out turns out 10x better than expected. Who wants to play guessing games with our hair’s outcome. I mean we do plan on rocking that particular style for at least that week, right?! We need to know that our style will come out at the very least…….amazing. Well, instead of playing Russian Roulette with your curls, follow these simple tips to ensure frizz free, defined curls and kinks EVERY TIME.


Let Your Hair Dry Completely!

It is so essential that you allow your hair to dry completely for any style, so your definition can form properly. Low porosity hair can take forever to dry at times and needs some help if you’re crushing for time. If you find yourself waking up with still damp twists, braids, and/or rods, you may want to consider using less products as possible with multipurpose uses as well as styling on 50% wet hair. Damp hair versus wet hair cuts out a significant amount of hours of drying. I tend to let my hair air dry in two large braids after applying the LCO method then style if not later in the day, the next day.


Jasmine Jefferson
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