How to Deep Condition


Deep conditioning hair is one of the most crucial parts of a hair regimen. It keeps your hair moisturized and healthy, enabling it grow and maintain its health. I just wanted to share a couple of tips on how I choose my deep conditioners, and how I deep condition my hair.

1) Always read the ingredients

While I make sure to do this when purchasing all of my hair products, I pay special attention to my deep conditioners because that stays on my hair for an extended period of time. The rule of thumb for every product is to check the first 5 ingredients, because those are the most prevalent. When purchasing a moisturizing treatment, I look for products with things like shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, etc. I try to use deep conditioners that have all natural ingredients.

2) Avoid -cones, sulfates, and parabens

 I avoid these in my deep conditioner the same way I avoid them in any other product. You don’t want -cones in your products, because they coat your hair, blocking moisture from getting in and making it so that your hair accumulates build up that can only be removed through a clarifying cleanser. Parabens are rumored to have a link to cancer, so I don’t take the risk with them, period.

3) Know the difference, and what you want, from your deep conditioner

With all of the different deep conditioners out there, how do you know which one to pick? There are two different types of ‘deep conditioners’. There are surface conditioners and there are actual deep conditioners. Surface conditioners don’t do anything but sit on your hair. (Well obviously they soften your hair and make it easier to detangle, but they don’t penetrate the hair shaft). You’ll be able to spot a surface conditioner because it’ll tell you on the bottle to only leave it on for a maximum of about 5 minutes. You probably shouldn’t try to leave a surface conditioner on overnight. A deep conditioner is different. It contains ingredients that can actually penetrate the hair shaft (read #1). You leave a deep conditioner on your hair for 15 minutes or more. I normally leave my deep conditioner on for anywhere between one hour to overnight, depending on what it is.

Surface Conditioners
Deep Conditioners
Shea Moisture Yucca & Baobab Anti Breakage Masque
Eden Body Works Jojoba & Monoi Deep Conditioner
4) Do your research!
When I walk the beauty aisles, I always carry my phone with me (duh). I like to pick products up and read their descriptions, but you can’t always trust their marketing. If I have time, I google product reviews right there in the store. Otherwise, I take a picture of the product and research it once I get home.
And even though product reviews are helpful, sometimes they need to be taken with a grain of salt. I say that to say, even though a product may work for someone else, that doesn’t mean that it’ll work for me. I like to get a general consensus on a product, before I buy it. I don’t want to base my purchase off of one review, because there’s a possibility that I won’t like it. I think about what my hair needs when purchasing a deep conditioner, that’s why its important to read up on various ingredients, to see what they actually do. These are all things to keep in mind when looking for deep conditioners.
 PHEW! So you finally found a deep conditioner that you think your hair will like. Now what? I’m just going to explain how I deep condition my hair
  1. 1. Make sure hair is CLEAN. Either shampoo and condition, or cowash and condition hair.
  2. 2. Apply product all over hair. I make sure to pay special attention to my ends, considering they are the oldest part of my hair. Sometimes I deep condition in sections, other times I don’t. It depends on how I feel.
  3. 3. Throw on a shower cap. Like I said earlier, I leave my conditioner on anywhere between one hour to overnight. I tend to only leave it on for an hour though, because I start to get lazy if I leave it on too long.
  4. 4. Rinse thoroughly, seal, and style. After washing the product out, I normally follow with the LOC method (liquid, oil, cream). This helps lock in the moisture that the deep conditioner gave my hair. I even do this after protein treatments. I do it all the time. This is also where I detangle my hair, because for the most part I don’t section my hair to deep condition.
That’s it! Well, it seems like a lot doesn’t it? *scrolls up entire post* I know- I talk too much! Haha. But I hope this helps. I deep condition my hair once a week, and it’s been working for me this far.
How do you deep condition? What’s your favorite deep conditioner?