There’s A Natural Hair Adult Coloring Book and You Should Buy It!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but adult coloring books are starting to take up more and more space on the shelves. Well, what if I told you there was an adult coloring book featuring natural hair?!


Why are adult coloring books even a thing you may ask? They help people that struggle with anxiety, depression, or even those that would like to calm down a little. I actually struggle with both anxiety and depression, so I was happy to see that something like this exists. I was previously using an app on my phone, but I Love My Hair seems like it’s about to be my Christmas present to self!

Andrea Pippins is the genius behind this coloring book phenomenon. It’s an excellent form of self-expression, and she’s using her book for women’s self empowerment. In her trailer video I found while doing my daily search of Buzzfeed, you see a variety of women spend time coloring in their favorite page: from a girl with a full fledged fro, a white lady with straight red hair, to an older Asian women with a short cut.


Photo Source: BuzzFeed

Pippins wants women to love and embrace their natural hair. She also wants them to begin to love more about themselves, even if they’re ‘simply’ starting by loving their hair. By having this book, women can color in whatever they’d like and truly express themselves in the pages. The final result will be nothing short of beautiful (not to mention, they’ll feel better after coloring) 😉

Another great thing about this coloring book is that it isn’t too expensive. You can find it on Amazon for $10.87.

  What do you think about this adult coloring book? Would you buy it?


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