My 3 Favorite Summer Natural Hairstyles

*cue Summer Time by Will Smith* 

Summer is officially in full swing! For me, that means sunglasses, palm trees, and vacation. It also means low manipulation styles, because I don’t feel like battling with my hair every day. Today, I just wanted to quickly share my three favorite summer styles. Comment below and tell me what your favs are!


Wash n Go

The wash n go is literally my number one go to style because I’m so lazy. Some naturals say their wash n go has a few extra steps in between, but mine is pretty straight forward. Here are my favorite wash n go products:

*find these brands together on*



Protective Styling – Wigs

Like I said before, I’m really lazy. Sometimes I don’t want to deal with my hair at all. On those days I don’t, I wear my blonde ombré Evawig. It only takes a  few minutes to put on, and it’s easy to maintain throughout the week. If you’re interested, I have a video demonstrating how I install my full lace wig


Twist Out

When I’m feeling fancy, I like to do twist outs. I’m still working on perfecting them, but I need to find the perfect product combo since I dyed my hair. In case you were wondering, here are 4 tips for the perfect twist out



What hairstyles are you loving this summer?


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