Mane Monday: Jazmin

It’s time again for Mane Monday! Everybody say hello to Jazmin! She’s an upcoming vlogger with an amazing story! Also, make sure to submit your own Mane Monday feature! <3

10 things learned

  1. Tell us about yourself

I am a new natural hair and lifestyle blogger/vlogger. I majored in English Literature and Dance so I’m very excited about using my writing skills and creativity to build my online presence and inspire others.

  1. What is your hair like?

My hair is very dense, I actually have a pretty small head but you would never know because there are so many strands. My hair is also extremely coily. I haven’t determined an exact curl type but I believe my hair is a combination of 4a, 4b, and 4c

  1. What made you decide to go on a natural hair journey?

I started to become really unhappy with the way my hair looked. It looked great after I came from the salon or got a fresh relaxer, but in between those periods it was dull and lifeless. I was tired of the 6-8 week relaxer routine and ready for a change. I was also curious to see the true potential of my hair if I eliminated such harsh chemicals and adopted healthy hair practices.

  1. How long have you been natural?

My last relaxer was January 2014, I big chopped January 2015, so I am a few months shy of being 2 years post relaxer and 1 year fully natural.

11 months post-relaxer big chop

  1. How would you describe your hair journey & goals?

Throughout my hair journey I’ve had great success, but also some bumps in the road. For example early on I had a few protective styles installed to tight that damaged my hairline. But these setbacks have only forced me to become more knowledgeable about caring for my hair.

  1. Are you transitioning or did you big chop?

I transitioned for a year, then I big chopped.

  1. What are your go-to styles?

My go to styles are twist-outs and braid-outs. I love the definition I get from twist-outs, I also love to use old twist-outs as the starting point for other styles. I love the big fluffy fro look that I get from braid-outs, I feel so fierce when I wear them.

  1. What are your staple products?

Two of my favorite products are Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk and Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Deep Conditioner. I love the Curl & Style milk because it’s such a versatile product, I can use it as a daily refresher, leave-in conditioner, or as a styler. The Deep Conditioner is my fave because it has the perfect combination of strengthening and moisturizing ingredients that keeps my hair healthy and strong.


  1. How do you feel about being natural?

I love it. When I started transitioning there were so many unknowns about the way my hair would look and how I would style it. But with research and patience I have gotten into a good groove with maintaining a healthy regime, experimenting with different styles and just enjoying my journey and having fun with it.

  1. How did people/ your loved ones respond when you decided to go natural?

My mom was skeptical at first but now she loves my hair. My boyfriend loves my hair although he sometimes gets frustrated with how much time I spend on it. Overall it’s been a positive reaction from family and friends.

  1. Do you have anything else you’d like to add? Do you have any tips for new transitioners or naturals?

For transitioners, hang in there especially when the road get tough because in the end having healthy natural hair is worth all the effort. For new naturals I would suggest take advantage of all the great online resources on caring for your natural hair, but keep in mind your hair is unique so always do what’s best for your hair and lifestyle.

  1. Where can we find you on social media?

I have a blog and also a YouTube channel


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