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I don’t when the day came, but I have lately started calling myself the wig queen. If I don’t rock a wash n go, 9 times out of 10 I’m wearing one of my wigs. My wig of choice for the past few months has been this Kerry Washington inspired ombre bob from EvaWigs. Keep reading to learn about the hair as well as see how to install it with no problems!


Wig Details:

Kerry Washington Inspired Straight Ombre Bob | code: csob001

Price: $299

Creation: 20 days | Shipping: 3 days (ships from China)

Hair Type: Yaki

This hair came straightened, but it looked almost crimped. After straightening at 400 degrees, it was bone straight. I achieved the slight wave simply by washing and air drying the unit

Length: 16″ longer layer

Colors: 1 (20%) & 6 (80%)

Ordering this wig was a little different than my first EvaWig. The numbers were more confusing, because you can’t swatch it. Luckily, I had Tiff (who went to cosmetology school) pick out the best colors for me.

How to Install:



Belnouvo CocoCastor Nectar

2 Curls 1 Mission Oil

Belnouvo CocoCastor Pudding

EcoStyler Gel

  1. I start on freshly washed and air dried hair. I create the part that’s going to work with the wig, and I create 5-6 braids going backwards. I secure the ends of the braids with bobby pins to keep them protected and out of the way. Then I put on my handy dandy black wig cap. (note: it’s important to get a wig cap that matches your hair color, because otherwise it’ll just look weird — trust me).
  2. Place on the wig. My EvaWig came with 2 combs in the front two sides, which make it easy to secure the wig underneath my wig cap. This also prevents my edges from thinning out over time.
  3. If I wanted to leave my hair with the center part, all I needed to do next was slick down my edges. However, since the EvaWig is full lace, I wanted to show the versatility and I created a side part. Once the hair is laying where I want, I brush it out a little and finish the look. This shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes, especially if you already know how to braid or twist down.

Overall, I’m really loving this new EvaWig! The color is perfect for the summer, and it isn’t too long so I don’t feel like I’m doing a lot. The quality of the hair is amazing now that I know how to care for it, and I would definitely purchase something similar in the future. I’m being super lazy this summer, so you’ll probably be seeing more of this hair in the future!


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