Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Gifts for Your Favorite Naturalista

Ahhh the holidays… The time for family fun, food, and love. It’s also the time for presents for those that take part in gift giving. Are you tired of giving your friends and loved ones the same corny $10 gift? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Below are 10 gifts (in different ranges) for the naturalista in your life. The best part? Most of these brands are small businesses, so you’re giving back. Comment below with your holiday wish list!

Holiday Gift Guide 2015


Favorite Conditioner
Seriously, what naturalista do you know that never needs conditioner?! Conditioners are every curly girl’s staple product, and you may save a friend from having to rush to the store for emergency conditioner. Talk about being clutch!
Here are a few of my favorite conditioners. Don’t be afraid to click, you can purchase each product from this post through Amazon!

A Cute Top…
Have a fashion savvy naturalista on your hand? A cute top might be the perfect Christmas present. Extra points if the top is just as cool and witty as she is!
Check out these brands for some awesome tees:


dear naturalista teeScreen Shot 2015-11-26 at 8.41.30 PM


… Or a Tote Bag
Statement tees not her thing? A tote bag should do the trick! Cute and environmentally friendly, a tote bag may just turn into her bag of choice.


A Month’s Subscription to a Subscription Service
Suffering from a bad case of being a product junkie? Want to experience new brands without having to pay out of pocket costs for full sized products that may or may not work? Or is your loved one just in the mood to try one of those subscription services that have been floating around?
Many subscription services now have the option to purchase a 1 month box. These boxes are usually cost effective (around $20) and come packed with 5-7 different products. Here are a few subscription services you can try:

Sneak Peek Box   –Curlbox (Naturals)     


Organizer for Hair Products

Okay, maybe you’re dealing with a product junkie that literally CANNOT handle anymore products. In fact, their bathroom, closet, or room may be stocked with hair care products. Instead of enabling the problem, help them come up with a solution! A cute or simple set of drawers can help organize the clutter (and convince them to maybe trim down their stash).

Good Essential Oil Blend
The reason that this is in the moderately priced section is because good products may not always come cheap. A hair oil blend is necessary for a few reasons: for sealing your LOC method, for stimulating scalp massages, protecting ends, etc. Invest in one of these great hair oils this holiday season:

CinagrOrganic Scalp & Hair Health Vitalizer   –Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil   –Hydratherma Naturals Hair Growth Oil   Q Redew

Hair steamers are really popular among the natural hair community, and for women who just want healthy hair in general. A hair steamer may cost a little more than moderate but it’s good for a weekly hair steaming. The Q Redew has a decent price for a steamer in this market, and it’ll make their hair journey that much better.



Quality Flat Iron
Does your loved one like to straighten their hair? Well make sure they keep their hair in good condition by helping them invest in great flat iron. Cheap flat irons may get the job done, but they don’t provide the extra layer of protection that something of higher quality does. Although we get heat damage every time we straighten our hair, a good flat iron can make all the difference in getting those curls to pop after you wash your curls. Here are two flat iron brands you can check out!

Hair Appointment or Consultation
A hair consultation or appointment is WAY more necessary than you think. While bloggers and bloggers can provide many tips for someone embarking on their natural hair journey, it’s always important to get some information from a professional. If your friend is new to their natural hair journey, or if they’re looking for a consistent stylist to keep their hair looking its best, no worries! Here are a few stylists located in the NYC area:
A Wig / Clip Ins
Protective styling is pretty much always a good idea! However, a good wig or clip ins may be a little pricier than you think. There are hair extensions now that mimic our natural hair, and it’s a great way to see what your hair may look like, or get longer & thicker hair overnight. A lot of curly clip ins can be on the other side of pricey ($200+), but here are a few brands that you can try:


These are our top 10 gifts that you should buy this holiday season. Check out each brand’s website to find out about their specific holiday deals! What are some brands that you want to shop this holiday season?


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