How to: Easy Crochet Wig Tutorial

I’m not going to lie – I’m really excited about this tutorial! I’ve personally wanted to do crochet braids for a while since I’ve seen them so much on social media, but to be honest I wasn’t ready to sit down and create the braiding pattern underneath. I did a little searching on Youtube, and found an easy tutorial from The Natural Sistas that inspired me to run out and buy some Marley hair for a crochet wig!

DIY Crochet Wig Promo

Cost of Materials: $26. Yes. $26. I could have saved the extra $1.50, but I decided to buy another pack of pink perm rods so styling wouldn’t take as long

What You Need:

  • -(4) packs Marley hair
  • -Mesh Weave Cap
  • -(2-3) packs Perm Rods
  • Crochet/Latch Hook

The hair I used is NOR synthetic braiding hair. This was all they had in the store and I was really just trying to create a test wig.

Also, I used about 3 1/2 packs of hair to complete this style.

What to Do:

  1. 1. Remove Marley hair from the pack. Cut the hair in half (to make it easier, cut where the rubber band holds the hair together)
  2. 2. Comb out the Marley hair. This was a little difficult for me, so I wound up combing out each individual piece (a lot, I know). Doing it this way also made it easier to attach each piece to the weave cap.
  3. 3. Place the end of the hair on the perm rod and secure it. Twist and wrap the hair around the perm rod for a nice spiral curl before securing. Repeat with the remainder of your hair until you’re out of perm rods.
Talk Tresses Crochet/Latch Needle
This is how the crochet/latch needle looks. The small piece where my finger is flips up & down while you’re creating the crochet wig. Leave it down when inserting the needle into the cap, and lift it up when you’re pulling the extension hair through.
  1. 4. Place all of your perm rods into a bowl and boil some water. Pour the boiled water onto your bowl of perm rods and let it sit for 15 seconds. Drain the water and let the hair sit for 5 minutes.
  2. 5. Pull the Marley hair off of the perm rod.
  3. 6. Grab your crochet needle and leave the latch down. Push the needle into the mesh cap and pull it through 3-5 holes. Hold your Marley hair in half and place it underneath the hook of the needle. Turn the needle over and pull it back through the mesh cap.
Push the crochet/latch needle into the mesh cap of the wig before inserting the hair underneath the hook to pull it through.
  1. You should see a circular opening in the hair where you pulled it through the cap. Grab both ends and pull it through the hole to secure.
  2. 8. Repeat this all over the wig in a circular motion. Don’t worry about creating a realistic closure, the hair will naturally cover itself.

*There’s an alternate way to do this – you can attach the Marley hair to your wig before rolling it into a perm rod. I found this to be a little more difficult because it was attached to a wig instead of my head and I don’t have a steady platform to place the wig head on. If you find it easier to roll the perm rods once the hair has already been attached to the mesh wig cap, go for it!

To be honest, I’m not sure exactly how long it took me to create this wig, but I completed it over the course of two days. I want to say it took about 9 hours in total to complete, especially because I had some setbacks.

I wanted to tell you guys approximately how many times I used my perm rods to create this style, but it was A LOT. That was one of the longest parts, so I’d recommend you buy 2-4 packs of perm rods to save yourself the stress.

I also had some frizz in the style after it was complete, so I just cut out the parts that were extra frizzy.

Thoughts? I freaking love crochet wigs and I wish I knew that this was possible earlier. It’s super low maintenance, it looks realistic, and it’s been getting me some compliments lately LOL. I’m going to go out and buy some more Marley hair, considering it’s only $5/pack. I want to play with colors and length, but this will definitely be another signature protective style for the winter.

I’ve also included my video tutorial so you can see EXACTLY how I made my wig. I hope it helps!

If you have any questions or advice, leave ’em below in the comments! Thanks y’all!

The wig after I ‘styled’ it! I love the big, voluminous curls that I got from the perm rods!


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  • I am definitely doing this for those days where I just want to give my hair a break 😀 love this hun

  • I love this technique, Victoria!! Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you Victoria The Victorious! You have literally saved me $$$AUD$$$ with this nifty crochet idea, never would’ve thought of it even though I love to crochet. Can’t wait to make my first wig!
    Thanks for taking the time to share one of your genius DIY wig ideas