Brand Review: Natasha Somalia

You guys know I love trying new products (yes, there’s still a little bit of product junkie in me). So, you know I was too happy to receive products from Natasha Somalia earlier this month to try. Here’s my review of my four favs. Comment below and share if you’ve used anything by Natasha Somalia.

Citrus Pre-Poo Treatment

  • As clearly stated in the product title, this pre-poo has a nice citrus scent. If you think the scent is too strong, no worries, you can wash it out
  • It also have a thick consistency, especially when being applied to the hair – I don’t need enough to fully coat my whole head
  • I instantly felt this product moisturizing my hair from the second I began applying it. All I did was lightly wet my 4 day old hair with water, then applied the product
  • What I like best about this pre-poo is that you don’t need to leave it on for too long; I left it on for 5 minutes before washing it out with shampoo in the shower
  • I barely had any breakage after shampooing, and it kept my hair moisturized. My hair was also very easy to detangle afterwards
  • I’d really recommend this product for anyone that wants to prepare their tresses for wash day; hair is less dry, more moisturized, and easy to work with

Chamomile Cleansing Conditioner

  • No lie … this is one of my new favorite products; I’ve started using only this product when I cowash
  • It has a nice scent that isn’t overpowering
  • It has a thick consistency, although not as thick as the pre-poo
  • I only need a few pumps per section of hair. I leave it on for the duration of my shower before washing it out
  • My hair is left moisturized but also clean. There is no stripped feeling or weighed down feeling
  • This product also comes in 16oz, which is great. Meaning, more bang for my buck. I really love this product, and I recommend this for E V E R Y O N E

Coconut Leave in Conditioner & Detangler

  • It’s very rare that I find a spray leave in conditioner that I really enjoy. However, this is definitely one of the few
  • This smells VERY good, just like coconut, but not overwhelming
  • This is a spray leave in conditioner, not too thick but not too much of a mist
  • I find that I have to spray a little more of this than usual to fully saturate my hair, but it works well, especially after I pay extra attention to my ends
  • This also makes a really great refresher spray for old styles. It provides the right amount of moisture without completely ruining the style


Cashmere Oil

  • This oil is great if you’re looking for something multipurpose. It works for both the skin and hair
  • This isn’t a heavy oil, but it isn’t too lightweight
  • The size of the bottle is perfect, and it’s small enough that I can carry with me where ever I go
  • The smell is a little reminiscent of peppermint, but it isn’t too much
  • I love how it feels on my skin, although I haven’t used it in my hair yet

These products are my favorite from Natasha Somalia, although her brand includes other products, such as a shampoo, styler, another leave in, etc. These hold the least chemical ingredients, and that’s why I decided to use them. A Philly based brand, I think every one can benefit from using at least one Natasha Somalia product in their regimen. I’d by far recommend the Chamomile Cleansing Conditioner!

& speaking of Natasha Somalia, she’s throwing an event in Philadelphia this upcoming Sunday. I’m going to be there as a featured blogger, and I’d love to see you all there as well! Purchase your tickets at



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  • Love what you’ve done with the site. Looks awesome and easy to navigate. Excellent review! How was the event? Congrats on being a featured blogger.

    • Thank you so much love! I really appreciate it (: Trying to redesign had me about to pull my hair out LOL.

      And thanks about the review/congrats – she does have amazing products. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the event on time because the SEPTA in Philly was NOT cooperating with me :/

      Glad you stopped by!