4 Things Every Natural Hair Regimen Needs

4 Things Every Hair Regimen Needs

Hair regimens are vital for hair growth. A regimen is the step by step formula to ensure that your curls are cleansed, conditioned, moisturized, and detangled. Additionally, a regimen keeps you on track as to what needs to be done to your hair to make sure that it stays healthy. Yet, while we make sure that our hair reaches its full potential, it’s best to make sure we’re including all that is necessary. Outside of cleansing, conditioning, moisturizing, and detangling, there are 4 additions needed for every hair regimen.

4 Things Every Hair Regimen Needs

A go-to style

I am a huge fan of “go-to” styles, seriously. Although I like to actually style my hair from time to time, I do realize that go-to styles are simple and easy to install. No need for intricacy and no need spending hours trying to install a hairstyle. Buns, puffs, twist outs, braid outs, and wash & gos, are go to styles. These styles are great for naturals who have busy lives due to having children, running a business, exercising daily, or simply juggling a lot of things at once. Furthermore, go to styles tend to manipulate the hair less, meaning the hair isn’t being heavily pulled or stretched causing heavy manipulation.


The perfect item for sealing in moisture is oil. Oil has the ability to trap in the moisture in your hair and based off your hair’s porosity level, your curls can remained moisturized for 2-3 days at a time. The LOC Method is perfect for using oil to seal in moisture.

Deep Conditioner

I am guilty of not deep conditioning as much as I should, and if you’re like me, listen closely. Deep conditioning helps to moisturize, strengthen, and make your hair more manageable. I will take heed of that last statement and practice deep conditioning my hair regularly. For hair that is enduring excessive breakage, chemically damaged via dye, and incurring heat damage, it is best to deep condition the hair. DC (deep conditioner) latches onto a weak hair structure and strengthens the hair. Additionally, DC improves the hair’s elasticity, the ability for hair to be stretched without breaking.


When it comes to trims a lot of questions arise: When should I get a trim? How do I know I need a trim? How much of a trim does my hair need? The answer to these questions depends on what you do to your hair. If you’re using heat frequently you may need to visit your stylist every couple months to ensure that you don’t experience split ends and breakage. Furthermore, 1/4-1/2 an inch is a preferred amount of hair to trim, however, it depends on how damaged the hair is. Finally, for hair that is healthy, 2X/year (6 months) is a good amount of times to get a trim.

What does your hair regimen look like?

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