4 Steps for the Perfect Twist Out


When I first started my hair journey, I had no idea what I was doing. Twist out what?! Girl, you don’t even want to see what my first twist out looked like. Over time, I’ve begun practicing these steps, and although they aren’t perfect (yet), my twist outs and low manipulation styles LINK are getting there. These apply for your twist out, braid out, bantu knot out, etc. Each step is kind of up for interpretation, so tweak it to see what works for you.



I had no clue how important parting my hair was to having a good twist out. The part you make signifies where your hair will lie once the style is taken down. I’m not saying use a comb to part every section of your hair, but at least make the introductory part. For twist outs I part my hair on the left side, and for braid outs I part my hair in the center.


Again, this is another should be obvious step that I never really paid attention to. Finger detangling LINK is helpful, but for the twist out to be very defined and look nice you should detangle with a denman of tangle fix (LINK). By fully detangling each section, you can make sure that there won’t be any shed hair caught in your style, and it will look nice and neat.


Believe it or not, the product you use has a direct link to how your style comes out and it depends on the look you’re going for. I like to use moisturizers like CinagrOrganic Vitamoist and Elasta QP to style my hair because they’re water based (meaning they provide moisture.. Hence the name moisturizer), lightweight, and still give my hair excellent hold. These are good products to use on dry hair especially, because they restore moisture and provide shine.

For a stronger hold and more definition you can use a gel. I like my DIY flaxseed gel, Eco Styler and Curls Goddess Curls. To prevent the hard, crunchy feeling that normally accompanies using gel, apply an oil to your hair before styling after applying gel. Gels also give hairstyles a nice shine.


I learned this tip when I first began my hair journey and I don’t know where I’d be without it. This applies to ALL hairstyles you do that have to be taken down or separated, including braid outs, rod sets, etc. Simply rub oil between the palms of your hands and on your fingertips before touching your hair. This helps eliminates frizz and adds a little more extra shine. I notice such a major difference when I do this and when I don’t.

Apart from these tidbits (and a few other factors) you still have to know how to do the basics like braid, twist, etc. There are PLENTY of tutorials out there, I recommend using youtube as a resource. Combine everything and you will have the perfect twist out!(…or braid out, or bantu knot out, or dos set.. You get the point).

For some added explanation, see the picture I created below:


How do you get the perfect twist out?


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