4 Protective Styles for Winter

Cold weather is coming over the horizon. I don’t know about you, but my hair is very sensitive to extreme weather. Because of this, protective styles have become my best friend during the fall and winter seasons.

Many naturalistas use protective styles for many reasons. Giving natural hair a break is the number 1 reason most naturalistas do this! Although winter, and fall, aren’t the only times you can wear protective styles, it’s a good time to give them a try and with this winter quickly approaching, I decided to give you a few options.

4 Protective Styles for Winter

1. Flat Styles (Flat twists, Cornrows, or Updos)

Flat Styles

Flat styles are easy. If you can style your own hair, they’re free! If you can’t, they’re cost efficient. Flat twists and cornrows can be styled in so many ways, so be creative! You can style flat twists with your own hair or you can add hair to give the braids or twists a fuller look or to create buns. You can style all your hair so none is left out, or you can leave a little of your hair out to style each day as you please. Versatility is key here. Whatever your mind sees, you can create!

Maintenance for flat styles are easy. When the style begins to frizz, you can take out the braids or twist. These styles can last anywhere between 1 week and 3 weeks…and for the really lucky ones, a month!! The type of hair you have and the products you use determine how well your hair holds styles.

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  • Emerald112

    I loved this so much I had to share it! Natural hair is so versatile! Come on hair!

    • Thanks so much Emerald!! It is very versatile and the more we embrace that better!!

    • Thanks for reading & sharing love! We’re glad you enjoyed <3

  • Love this! Wigs have definitely been a life saver for me already. I just love how I can take them off and still take care of my hair underneath them!

    • Thanks for reading Chelsea! I totally agree, wigs are my favorite protective styles as well 🙂 they’re so versatile!