4 Kinds of Naturals…Which One Are You?

4 Types of Naturals

As you continue on your hair journey, you’ll go through different phases. While your hair is going from a TWA to the Awkward Stage to BSL (bra strap length), and eventually mid-back length, you’ll then notice that you’re regimen and the way you care for your hair will change as well. The longer your hair continues to grow the more knowledgeable you become it. Ultimately, you’ll come into identifying yourself as a particular natural, possibly one of the four below:

4 Types of Naturals

Lazy Natural

This particular natural focuses more on cleansing and conditioning, which in fact are the two main parts of a hair regimen that is important for any natural. Lazy naturals tend to take it easy when it comes to styling. According to lazy naturals, simplicity brings great results, and as a lazy natural myself, I must agree with this. I used to think that I had to achieve intricate hairstyles or particular hairstyles when in fact, hairstyles are the last to think about. Making sure that the hair is properly cleansed and condition stimulates growth. Furthermore, with less manipulation this means less breakage, moisture retention, less single strands, and split ends. The focus is on the health of the hair not the flexibility of styling.

Example of a Lazy Natural: Naptural85

Protective Style Natural

Protective styling can be used by any natural, but for some naturals they focus more on installing protective styles to grow their hair. Protective styling can help with length retention, moisture retention, as well as, preventing split ends. Braids, twists, and weaves can serve as protective styles for any natural. What’s great about protective styling is that you can install them and keep them in for months at a time before re-installing them.

Straight Natural

Although the use of heat is almost “banned” from the natural hair journey, it can be used sparingly. Straight naturals tend to use heat or flat-iron styling to style their hair. These naturals have mastered the use of using heat and limiting damage from it. The issue with using heat stems from the lack of protection both before and afterwards. The misconception is that thick or coarse hair needs high levels of heat in order to be manageable and styled. This isn’t the case because there are a plethora amount of styles that don’t involve heat. If you use heat regularly ensure that you are deep conditioning the hair weekly and instead of using heat daily or so often, style the hair with rollers or flexi-rods to keep the hair stretched.

Example of a Straight Natural: Jnatay or Big Hair Betty

The Product Junkie

This particular natural finds herself buying and storing a lot of products. She uses many products for specific reasons: for reviews or for the need to find new products for her regimen. Product junkies may jump at the thought of a new product hitting the market, especially if the new product is buzzing throughout the natural hair community. Additionally, with every new product that this natural buys, on is stored somewhere. That’s the life of a product junkie.

Which natural are you?

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