4 Alternatives to Permanent Hair Color

Are you new into your hair journey? Do you want to experiment with a new hair color but don’t want to put chemicals in your hair? Bleach and permanent hair color can look good, but eventually cause a lot of damage and prevent length retention. So what’s a girl to do? We’ve got you covered! Today we’re sharing 4 alternatives to permanent hair color.

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  • Hair Extensions
Hair extensions are one of the easiest ways to add extra color to your hair. There’s no extra work with the color, and it’s easy to install and un-install. If you don’t like the color, there’s no consequences, and you can simply go from one color to the next. You can go from a full red head to blonde highlights without the added damage.
  • Hair Chalk
Hair chalk is another great alternative to hair color. As its name states, this is nothing but chalk made specifically for your hair. Hair chalk comes in a variety of colors, and you simply color it on to your hair. To wash off, all you have to do is wash your hair how you normally would. Hair chalk is an inexpensive option, and the easy application process makes it so that you can add small strips or highlights wherever you can.
  • Shea Moisture Color System / Hair Rinse
While this is still technically using a little bit of chemical to apply color, the Shea Moisture color system could be a good idea. To most naturals (myself included) Shea Moisture is one of the holy grail natural hair brands, and their color system is a gentler alternative to permanent dyes. The best part is that the colors are subtle enough that they look extremely natural when combining with your own true color.
  • Eyeshadow
Believe it or not, eyeshadow is also a popular alternative for a permanent hair color. Just like the hair chalk, application is quick and easy. When using product, use a more pigmented color so that it will really show up in your hair. Maybelline has a eye tattoo line that goes great, and shows up super vibrant. Use it to create face framing highlights in blue or gold. Simply rub some on your fingers and run it through your hair. Wash it off when you’re done.
These are four of our alternatives for permanent hair color. Comment below and let us know what you do when coloring your hair. What products do you ultimately use?


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