3 Easy Protective Styles for the Lazy Natural


Winter calls for changes with the way we style our hair. The sun rises earlier and goes down faster, so we only have a short time throughout the day to flaunt our curls. However, winter brings forth colder air, which lacks moisture in it. The lack of moisture in the air will create dry and brittle curls, if your hair isn’t protected. It’s best to practice protective styling, styles that protect your hair from damages, during the winter to ensure the health of your curls.



Headwraps were one of my favorite hairstyles during my 2nd – 3rd year natural. Within that year, I bought at least 3 headwrap scarves to wear. I love how I could style them with my outfits, but I really loved how they would give my hair a break from styling. Headwraps have the ability to give you and your hair a break from daily styling. They add personality to your wardrobe and can be done within minutes before you head out the door. Ultimately, headwraps cover every inch of your hair making them one of the best protective styles, in my opinion. Every last single hair strand is protected from outside damage with a headwrap.


I found that many women install braids into their hair around fall/winter time. Although they can be time consuming, they are easy to install and they can last for a longer period of time before they need to be reinstalled. Braids are just like headwraps in which they protect your hair in them. It’s even helpful to know that you really don’t have to “style” your hair once you install braids, but you can definitely master a cute braided updo or side-do.



Finally, twists or locs are both good protective styles for the winter. With locs, your own hair is loc’d into a coil, but if locs aren’t a choice for you, twists will suffice. Twists can be done with your own hair or with weave from the hair store. Similar to braids, twists can be wore an extended period before having to be reinstalled and be styled even further. Both twists and braids can be worn underneath a scarf or cap during the winter.


Thing to remember:

  1. Daily moisturizing and sealing is needed for both braids and twists
  2. Do not neglect your hair underneath a headwrap; Moisturize and seal your hair prior to wrapping it.
  3. If you decide to twist your own hair, do not keep twists in your hair for longer than 4 weeks; your hair will become matted and begin to form locs.

What protective style are you wearing this winter?

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